by Annette Snapp


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When looking at your student's grades online, sometimes you will find comments written beside the assignment. These comments can be confusing sometimes, and I have had parents ask about them. In order to clarify, I thought I would write out some explanations below. If you ever see a comment you don't understand please email or call, and I will be happy to explain. I hope this helps.


        Absent - not turned in yet - the student was absent when we graded or collected the assignment and has not been to class yet to turn it in

        Assignment redone for grade improvement - the student had an assignment that received a grade of a D or an F. The student chose to redo that assignment for up to                                                                         half credit for grade improvement up to a C

        Chose not to redo for grade improvement - the student received a grade of a D or an F on an assignment and chose not to redo the assignment to improve the grade

        May be redone for grade improvement - the assignment can be redone to improve the grade but has not been done yet

        ZAP - absent but work not made up - the student was absent and has exceeded the allowed number of days to get the assignment made up, so now has been given                                                                 a ZAP

        ZAP - score reduced by 25% - the assignment was late and the score showing has been reduced by 25% due to the ZAP

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