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Middle School: Teacher Pages: Logan, Kelley


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Welcome to Mrs. Logan's 6th/7th Grade Science


Welcome to Mrs. Logan's Page 


Contact Information 

School Phone: (660) 584-7161


Email: logank@huskers.k12.mo.us


Daily Schedule

Gold Day Block--Time Blue Day
Plan Time Block 1 -- 8:00 - 9:24 7th Grade
Study Assistance Block 2 -- 9:28 - 10:52  7th Grade
Seminar Block 3 -- 10:56 - 11:36 Seminar
6th Grade Block 4 -- 11:40 - 1:32 Plan Time
6th Grade Block 5 -- 1:36 - 3:00 6th Grade




Class Syllabi:

6th Grade

7th Grade

Class Conduct


Unit Objective Sheets

Unit objective sheets are the objective that students will be covering before the next test.  These can be used as study guides.  Students will be asked to demonstrate knowledge and application of these objectives on the test.


6th Grade: Plate Tectonics

7th Grade: Cellular Reproduction


Week at a Glimpse

Weekly Glimpses are brief descriptions of what is coming up in class for the following week.  All students receive a grade level glimpse each Friday.  If students choose, they are able to return the bottom portion of the glimpse by Tuesday of the following week, with signatures, to receive extra credit.  6th grade glimpse slips returned to Mrs. Logan, 7th grade to Ms. Bill, 8th grade to Mrs. Rhoad.



6th and 7th grade cover different curriculum/units.  For each unit the student is provided with an objective sheet that list and describes the objectives/GLE's we will be covering for the unit.  I have provided a link to units we will be covering.  In each unit listed below are links to objective sheets, notes, power points, and some worksheets/activities.


6th: 7th:

Inquiry Unit

Measurement Unit

Atom Unit

Matter Unit

Body Systems Unit

Bacteria and Viruses Unit

Ecology Unit

Earth Systems

Inquiry Unit

Measurement Unit

Cell Unit

Reproduction Unit

Biogeochemical Cycles Unit

Living Organisms Unit

Chemical and Physical Changes Unit

Weather Unit

*Please note that all attached power points/photos are used for educational purposes only and therefore protected under the Copyright Act.*






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