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FAFSA Information

On May 10, 2015, the Federal Government changed the way you log in to Federal Student Aid websites. Students, parents, and borrowers are now required to use a FSA ID, instead of a Federal Student Aid PIN, to log in. If you haven’t logged in to a Federal Student Aid website (such as fafsa.gov or StudentLoans.gov ) since May 10, 2015 you will need to create a FSA ID before you can log on in the future.  Below are links to give you more information and help you to apply for your ID.     Federal Student Aid PIN Changes to FSA ID Click here to apply for FSA ID read more

What is Special Education?

Special education is individualized instruction that is designed to meet the needs of a child with a disability, at no cost to the parent.  This instruction could include academic instruction (reading, writing, math, spelling, science, social studies, study assistance), but it could also include speech/language, physical therapy, or occupational therapy. As part of the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the federal government has identified 13 disabilities that may qualify for special education services. . . . read more

Student Progress through InformationNow

InformationNow provides parents and students with a means of accessing school information from a computer via the Internet.  InformationNow utilizes Adobe Acrobat Reader to display reports.  In order to view or print these reports, the user may need to install the free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader If you have problems viewing reports make sure pop up blockers, under tools, are turned off. Below are directions on accessing the student program.  We hope you find this to be a valuable . . . read more


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