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High School: Teacher Pages: Vanderhoff, Carol


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Mrs. Vanderhoff's Page

Welcome to 

Mrs. Vanderhoff's Class 

Contact Information 

School Phone: (660) 584-3661

Email: vanderc@huskers.k12.mo.us

Daily Schedule

Gold Time Blue
Conference 8:00-9:24 Computer Applications
Accounting 9:28-10:52 Conference
Seminar 10:56-11:36 Seminar
Personal Finance 11:40-1:32 Computer Applications
Business Technology 1:36-3:00 Personal Finance

Unit Objectives


    Vocabulary related to posting from a general journal to a general ledger

    Prepare a chart of accounts for a proprietorship

    Post amounts from a general journal to a general ledger

    Prove cash
    Analyze and journalize correcting entries


Business Technology

    Explain the mail merge process

    Create and edit a data source

    Insert merge fields in a main document

    Use an IF field in a main document

    Merge form letters, mailing labels, envelopes

    Merge all data records to a directory

    Convert text to a table

Computer Applications

    Demonstrate proper technique

    Use proper ergonomic principles

    Demonstrate improvement in speed and accuracy

    Review proofreaders' marks

    Flipsnack book project

Personal Finance

    Saving and Investing

    Implement the pay yourself first strategy

    Summarize the time value of money concept

    Calculate interest using simple and compound interest

    Analyze the relationship between risk and return

    Distinguish between the most common types of investments




Course Syllabi: Class Resource:

Business Technology
Computer Applications
Personal Finance

Future Business Leaders of America

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