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High School: Teacher Pages: Vanderhoff, Carol


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Mrs. Vanderhoff's Page

Welcome to 

Mrs. Vanderhoff's Class 

Contact Information 

School Phone: (660) 584-3661

Email: vanderc@huskers.k12.mo.us

Daily Schedule

Gold Time Blue
HS 101 8:00-9:26 Conference
Seminar 9:30-10:00 Seminar
Conference 10:04-11:30 HS 101
Computer Applications 11:34-1:30 Business Technology
Personal Finance 1:34-3:00 Computer Applications

Unit Objectives

Business Technology
 Excel--modifying and creating cell styles
Using functions
Using absolute cell references in formulas
Sorting data
Creating amortization tables
Asking "What'if?" questions

Computer Applications

Demonstrate proper technique
Formatting memos and personal-business letters
Sending e-mail


Personal Finance
 Getting Paid & Taxes
Calculating hourly and overtime pay
Payroll deductions
Taxes withheld from wages and paid at the time of purchase
W-2, W-4, and 1099-INT forms
Completing a 1040EZ form



Course Syllabi: Class Resource:

Computer Applications
Business Technology
Personal Finance

Future Business Leaders of America

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