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Middle School: Teacher Pages: Cook, Sarah


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Vocal Music

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Contact Information 

School Phone: (660) 584-7161

E-mail: cooksa@huskers.k12.mo.us

Daily Schedule

Gold Blue
Conference Conference
Seminar Seminar
6th Grade Vocal 7th/8th Vocal
Mixed Chorus Blue and Gold Singers
Girls' Glee Club 7th and 8th Grade Vocal

Classroom Resources


Middle School Vocal Syllabus

Syllabus includes information about concerts, concert attire, grading, and classroom procedures.

Weekly Glimpse

Weekly Objectives

Demonstrate an understanding of note and rest values and simple melodic patterns.

Demonstrate knowledge of basic music terminology.

Sing with proper tone production, intonation, posture, and breath support.

Student will sing his/her part accurately.

Demonstrate correct diction and pronunciation of the text whether it be English, Latin, or other.

Demonstrate responsible behavior toward self, teacher, and fellow students through proper rehearsal attitude and attendance and behavior at concerts.


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